½ HP AC Belt Drive Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener


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½ HP AC Belt Drive Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

Built-in Wi-Fi® allows for smartphone control with the myQ® app.

Next generation garage technology: improved Wi-Fi connectivity and enhanced memory to support new myQ features and solutions.

Integrated Bluetooth technology: reduces setup time and makes it even easier to connect to the myQ app, other myQ devices and smart home technology solutions.

Standard belt drive with AC motor.

Works with Amazon Key: Enables convenient and secure In-Garage Delivery.

myQ Diagnostics in the myQ app provides real-time insights for your garage door via the Health Report. Receive alerts and error codes in the app if an issue arises and connect with a professional for services if needed.

Home Connectivity with myQ

Easily Connect
Easily connect to a home network with built-in Wi-Fi®.
Syncs With
Syncs with popular smart devices and platforms.Visit myQ.com for details.

Safety and Security
Secure Code
Confidently know that every click sends a secure code to the garage door opener.
Safety Sensors
Protect people and vehicles with safety sensors that stop the door from closing on obstructions.
Automatically Protect
Automatically protect against forced openings of the garage door.
Virtually Silent
Keep living spaces virtually silent with the extra-strong belt drive system.
Day After Day
Support standard aluminum doors day after day with the 1/2 HP AC motor.
75% Less Power
Consume up to 75% less power in standby mode.
Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery
Safe and Secure Packages
Enables secure in-garage delivery for Amazon Prime packages.
Simple Setup
Eligible Prime Members simply link your account to Amazon Key in the myQ app.
Real-Time Updates
Monitor and control your deliveries from your smartphone.
Are You Ready for In-Garage Delivery?
Check to see if you are eligible or learn how to set it up. Check now.